Wellness Tourism

Wellness is nothing but a way to rejuvenate your life, which means happiness and healthy life. Wellness has become an integral part of our health and gaining popularity across the world. More and more people are crossing state boundaries to avail wellness facilities. As per GWI (Global Wellness Institute) reports, Global Wellness Tourism is growing @ 6.5% annually and can accelerate to 7.5% through 2022, whereas conventional tourism is growing @3.2%.

Today Wellness is beyond Health, it focuses more on preventive rather than curative so to live Quality Life adopt wellness as your lifestyle and here Wellness Tourism becomes a synonym to a Healthy Life.

Wellness Tourism has been associated with human society since ancient times. People used to travel to Monasteries and divine places to get enlightened to improve their quality of Life.

In modern times, Wellness tourism has become multidimensional and more Holistic. Increasingly people have become more fitness freaks and are looking at ways to enhance their emotional health, well beingness, so more and more people are crossing boundaries for wellness vacations. This includes relaxation, weight loss, mental wellbeing, mediation, spa therapies, wellness retreat, region-based therapies, specialized treatment, treatments that are not available at their native location to improve overall health.

Wellness Tourism

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Wellness is getting popular across the world on a couple of parameters like people’s awareness about well beingness and secondly WHO focuses on the fitness and wellbeing concept. As a result, many world-class wellness resorts have been developed in India to bring holistic approaches in life by experiencing:


Ayurveda is an ancient medical or healing system that brings balance between Mind, Body & Soul. Its roots go to Indian Subcontinent and are believed to be 3000 years old. Ayurvedic Therapies not only treat medical conditions but strengthen our immune system as well. Inculcating Ayurveda in daily life means rejuvenating life.


Yoga is a thousand of year-old system practiced in Ancient India. Today Yoga has become a synonym for a healthy life and is being practiced by millions of people across the world. It is not only exercise but a system and process through which the highest level of potential can be achieved. It Involves Meditation, Physical movements (Aashna’s), Breathing techniques to bring physical and mental well beingness to a person. With the evolution of time, different forms of Yoga have evolved however the main purpose is to connect with the inner self bring harmony between body and mind.

Unani Medicines

Unani medicines are an and alternate & traditional medicine practice. It is among the popular therapies practiced in India and originates from Greek. It is well-practiced in the Middle East and South Asian countries. It provides preventive, curative, promotive, and rehabilitative care.


Siddha medicines system originates in South India and is believed to be the oldest medicinal system of India. It works on the principle of Five elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Siddha treatment has an impeccable impact on skin disease, liver problems, kidney stones, arthritis….

Spa Therapy

Today Spa Therapy is not limited to water treatment only but clubbed with various massage therapies and ayurvedic treatments.it is more towards relaxation. Spa therapies are more popular as Holistic Treatment, which focuses more on body, mind rejuvenation, healthy living. In another word, we can say it is a concept of Health, leisure, beauty, and relaxation coming together. Spa Therapy is an Alternative Treatment as well in healing Joints and Muscular pains.

Wellness Resorts