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About Home Care:


Home care is a health care support services provided by a professional nursing staff or caregivers to individual at their convenience at home. Two types of home care services are Short Term Care & Long-Term Care.       


What are different types of Home Health Care

Different types of home health care depends upon patients need and situation. It can range from nursing care to specialized medical care like simple nursing care, personnel care, Mother and Baby care, physiotherapist, Neuro Rehab, Heart Rehab ,ICU Setup, Elder care.


Our Key Services

  • Nursing Care at Home | Dr. at Home | Physio at Home |
  • Elder Care at Home | Medical Equipment at Home | Mobility Support |
  • Hospitalization Support | Blood Test at Home |
  • Post Surgery Care | Financial Need | Technology Support |
  • Long Term Care | Short Term Care  |
  • Holter Monitoring  | Medical Equipment on Rent |


Why wellFY Home Care

Our Comprehensive Home Care services are aimed to provide hygienic, convenient, safe, trusted, personalised and professional health care services at Home. Elderly age needs special care, we understand it better so we offer care like a Baby Care.

Our care givers and nursing staffs are qualified professionals and well trained with Apollo Group Hospitals. Apollo Group of Hospital has redefined the health care Infrastructure in India.

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