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Infertility Treatment

About Treatment

Infertility treatments in India is renowned for its better results and affordable rates. Some of the  best infertility hospitals are available in the major cities of the country, providing a wide range of treatment options. IVF clinics in India are providing extremely good results for Male Infertility Treatment and Female Infertility Treatment. The cost of IVF treatments in India is affordable and the results are also of good quality.

Invitro fertilization and Embryo transfer are the treatments followed majorly for Infertility. This involves a process, in which the egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. This is done in a laboratory glass dish to allow them to fertilize. IVF can be done through different combinations which the doctors will decide depending upon the person’s condition and the quality of the eggs & sperm. 

How does it works

In this method, the patient will receive injections to stimulate ovaries and develop multiple follicles. Before the stimulation, the patient will be given a nasal spray to prevent ovulation of immature eggs, which is otherwise known as premature ovulation. This is done to suppress the pituitary gland from secreting hormones, which lead to ovulation. The menstrual period will occur 7 to 14 days after the drug (nasal spray).